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Where is ACV taking place?

Dorsoduro 3689, Campo Santa Margherita, 30123 Venezia, Map

Google Maps: 45°26’05.9″N, 12°19’26.0″E

Dorsoduro 3246, Calle Larga Foscari, 30123 Venezia, Map

Google Maps: 45°26’04.8″N, 12°19’36.9″E

Dorsoduro 3911, Calle Crosera, 30123 Venezia, Map
– Google Maps: 45°26’09.9″N, 12°19’35.4″E

Dorsoduro 3484/D, Calle Contarini, 30123 Venezia, Map

– Google Maps: 45°26’07.4″N, 12°19’18.0″E

Santa Marta, Dorsoduro 2137, 30123 Venezia, Map
– Google Maps: 45°26’01.4″N, 12°18’54.9″E

Palazzo Barbarigo della Terrazza, S. Polo 2765/A, Calle Corner, Map
– Google Maps: 45°26’09.8″N, 12°19’45.8″E

Chiesa di San Lorenzo, Castello 5069,  30122 Venezia
– Google Maps: 45°26’14.1″N, 12°20’44.3″E

Other questions

Please convey your requirements to the organizers as soon as possible via

All plenary sessions and keynotes / plenary discussions will be shared as live streaming or recordings within a password-protected section of the ACVe21 website.
Our archive will store campus materials, videos and recordings.

Express permission from the organizers will be required for participation in any activity beyond the allocated Seminar.

The payment is for participation in each Seminar’s discussions and activities, as well as the keynotes / plenary discussions, in presence and/or online.

With a few exceptions, meals will be at each participant’s expense (details to follow).

If you require a letter attesting your participation, please contact the organizers in the week prior to the event via

Yes, all participants will be given free access to the University wifi network (valid within University premises)