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All events will be available via links added below, and will also be streamed on the YouTube page of the Center for the Humanities and Social Change)

All times indicated are CEST (UTC+2)

Saturday, October 16

11.00am – 7.00pm

Reclaiming the Chicago River – Backward River Festival

The Eleanor Boathouse at Park 571 is located at 2828 S. Eleanor St., Chicago, IL 60608.

Come reclaim your water and foster a sense of joy and community through dance, music, food and connection.
Together we will uplift the voices and narratives of those whose lives and communities have been disrupted as private interests manipulate the river—even reversing its flow—to their will, and reimagine what’s possible in moving forward with the Chicago River.


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14/16 October

from 12.00am

Towards a Cultural History of Early Modern Ichthyology (1500-1800) – Paul Smith Florike Egmond

Online – Link to Zoom will be sent later by email, upon registration

Fish have always been part and parcel of human civilisation. In a material sense, fish was (and is) omnipresent in our everyday life – from fishery to kitchen. At the same time, fish lead a hidden life, underwater, invisible to man. This paradoxical combination of familiarity and unfamiliarity with aquatic life continues to trigger our fascination, which is manifest not only in fish symbolism, both religious and secular, but also in the European imagery of remote worlds from the Nordic seas to the Far East and tropical West, and in the development of science, from early modern natural history to modern marine biology.

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Wednesday, October 13

12.15pm – 1.45pm

Tourism in the Climate Change Era – Marco Zorzanello

Aula 10A Campus di San Giobbe.


Marco Zorzanello, fotografo Cambiamento climatico e turismo: un’indagine fotografica
Riccardo Scotti, responsabile scientifico del Servizio Glaciologico Lombardo
Introduce e modera Federica L. Cavallo

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Monday, September 20

12.15pm – 1.45pm

Bauhaus of the Seas in Venice

The “Bauhaus of the Seas” conference has ended: the international event dedicated to the sea, the environment and sustainability organized by the Municipality of Venice and Ca’ Foscari has come to a close after two days filled with ideas and activities.

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December 4, 2020

he Water City. The Political Epistemology of Hydrogeological Praxis

Pietro Daniel Omodeo, professor at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and long-term Department I scholar, has been appointed leader of a new Max Planck Partner Group “The Water City. The Political Epistemology of Hydrogeological Praxis.” Funded by the Max Planck Society, the group will begin in 2021 and run for five years in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (MPIWG). More than 70 partner groups exist worldwide, serving towards the promotion of researchers through international cooperation.
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